6 Reasons This Dubai Shopper Has Bookmarked Sanadeeg.com


Nothing makes our day more than hearing good feedback from our customers! We are left speechless and in owe when someone takes time from their day to tell us how happy they are with our service. This is what keeps us going 🙂

The letter below was from Kellie D., one of our customers, and we are happy to share it as it is:

6 Reasons I’ve Bookmarked Sanadeeg

Online shopping is my preferred shopping method, especially for groceries. It allows me to manage, control, and forecast my spending, especially for recurring buys such as water, deo, soap etc. But I don’t only like to manage money, i believe that micromanagement is how we make more off our current money by getting more out of it. So when I found Sanadeeg, I found an e-store to support my obsession.

1. Get more, pay less.

Of course this was going to be number 1. I found Sanadeeg after having done a search for ‘Cheap. Bulk online shopping Dubai’. Everyone wants to get the most from each Dirham but driving here, there, and everywhere to do so meant I was paying more, in time lost, to save. And time is also valuable.

2. Shop without a car.

Whether this means something because you don’t like the environmental impact of driving, you hate traffic, or maybe you simply don’t drive, carless shopping makes life hasslefree. The team deliver everything to the door, so take advantage of the special treatment.

3. A frequently widening product range.

It is nice to know what is available at your favorite e-store, but when the product line gets bigger it transforms ‘nice’ into fantastic. Since I have been a Sanadeeg shopper, they have added 2 new e-shopping categories, including BBQ supplies, which is such a unique yet tailored category insofar as online shopping in Dubai goes at this time.

4. Customers are valued.

A personal ‘Thank you for shopping with Sanadeeg! :)’ turned the e-shop from a corporate sale to a ‘You’re a part of us growing’. And I wanted to be. So much so that I am writing this now to speak for Sanadeeg.

5. Savings and value don’t end at the About page.

The USP is more for less, and they add to it with special codes, sale items, and even free samples. I even felt as though I was getting more out of it than them — and that is what customer service is all about, and offering an exceptional customer experience.

6. Sanadeeg now offers Card On Delivery, I do not carry cash these days. This was the cherry on the cake.

This list could actually be longer, but time is short. i am confident Sanadeeg will continue to grow and within 5 years will become a preferred online grocery store in Dubai.



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