Moving New to Dubai? Here are 10 Essential Websites to Make Your Life Easier


It is no secret that our beloved Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations to move, work and raise a family in the world! Every year hundreds of thousands of new families call Dubai home and go through the journey of moving and establishing a nest in Dubai. Between finding a job, moving furniture and deciding on a school for the kids, such move can be very stressful; anything you can do from the comfort of the internet takes off a little bit of this stress and makes your life a bit easier. We in Sanadeeg have got you covered with your bulk grocery shopping needs, so save your time and money and shop your basic grocery needs in bulk and leave the heavy lifting for us!

To help you a bit more, we compiled this list of the most useful websites that you can use in Dubai and will most certainly make your life easier:

Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (


First things first – get your immigration affairs in order. DNRD is the governmental department where you go to issue your work permits, residence permits or apply for a visa for family members. The DNRD website represents a great resource for all your residency questions and concerns. DNRD website is your access point to all the governmental e-Services that you will need for residency and visa concerns. As an extra tip: DNRD runs a very effective and helpful phone and chat service called AMER (8005111) to answer all your questions and concerns and direct you to the right procedure to follow, without relying on middlemen and brokers!


Now that you are in Dubai you proceed with getting established in the city; you will need to rent a house, buy furniture, find a moving company, or buy a car – among many other things. And for all this your best 1-stop-shop is Dubizzle is the largest classifieds website in Dubai with millions of listings added and promoted on daily basis. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, hire or rent, Dubizzle is the place for that.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (


RTA is NOT your stereotypical DMV office! It is an awesome and essential service that you will need to use in Dubai. Whether you are looking for issuing a driver’s license, car registration, hire a taxi, get a Dubai Metro ticket or even try the Dubai Water Taxi (or Dubai Drone Air Taxi!), RTA is your destination. The RTA web site provides plenty of information about all your options to move around in Dubai with very helpful electronic services to get you going on daily basis. So you better familiarize yourself with this very important web resource.

 Knowledge and Human Resources Development Authority (


Finding the right school for your kids is a very stressful decision for most parents. There are hundreds of options with plenty of curriculums and formats to choose from and families are literally competing for a spot in the best ones years in advance. The KHDA web site is a great web site to find all needed information about any school in Dubai, moreover, the famous KHDA assessment and ranking system is a reliable resource to find out how your target school is ranked against other schools in Dubai.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (


DEWA is another example of how Dubai awesome smart e-services make your life easier every day. When you are looking to subscribe for electricity and water for your new house, pay your monthly bill or lookup the nearest Dubai EV Green Charger to charge your electric car for free (that’s right, for free!) head to DEWA web site to find all the relevant services and information instantly.


another very helpful web site to use in Dubai is is the price comparison website in the UAE. When you are looking to buy anything from smart phones to electronics or even grocery, provides you comparison of the price of any product you are looking for in almost all eCommerce stores in Dubai. Better yet, it compares the product price to live prices in famous international web sites such as Amazon and eBay. 


ExpatWoman is one of the earliest community based websites that are focused on all topics that are important to women, from finding a job to finding a nursery for your baby, or finding a great venue for your kid’s birthday party – ExpatWoman is a great resource to find all the tips you need in Dubai and the UAE. Moreover, ExpatWoman is famous for its very active forum where you can ask and discuss any question you may have with other expat women in Dubai.


If you are a deal hunter then you will enjoy checking regularly. is a great web site for finding great deals on daily basis. Whether you are looking to book a weekend staycation or go to brunch with friends, would have a deal that you will like.

Insydo Dubai


For lifestyle blogging, vlogging or reviews head to Insydo. Insydo picks and reviews many venues for your daily fun and activities from restaurants to nightclubs and gyms.

mums@work (


Many women leave their careers and accompany their husbands to Dubai without pre-arranged jobs, or take a break from their careers to take care of the family. mums@work is a great destination to find jobs that are focused on mothers’ lifestyle. That means that they focus on finding and listing part time and full-time jobs that are suitable for mums who are looking to work in accommodating conditions, and generate income without leaving the house on full time basis. Check them out, they may have the answer you need!

 So there you have it, welcome to Dubai and enjoy these great resources to make your move as smooth as possible! And do not forget to stop by for your weekly grocery shopping for the best value online!

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