6 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids!

Upcycle some household items into your child’s next Halloween spooktacular outfit


Need a costume in a pinch? Your old storage room might hold more potential than you may think! While other people are checking out expensive options at costume shops for outfits that their children will probably just wear once, you can upcycle some household items into your child’s next Halloween spooktacular outfit! Check out these easy homemade DIY ideas yourself:

1. Toilet paper mummy!


Easiest trick in the book. All you need are old white clothes and wrap toilet paper all around your kid! Pro-tip: paint the space around their eyes black and add ketchup for dramatic and bloody effect. Your child will be ready to walk like an ancient Pharaoh in no time! Amp up the fun when you get more kids to dress up like mummies and have yourself an ancient spookfest gang!

2. Cardboard box pirates!


A big delivery box like Sanadeeg’s would be perfect for this! All you need is some spray paint and these ordinary boxes can turn into your child’s new pirate ship! A big cardboard box is truly magical because it can become anything you can imagine, such as an aeroplane, a small castle, a secret hideout, or Optimus Prime from Transformers. Let your imagination and creativity soar this Halloween with cardboard boxes, big or small!

3. Tinfoil Rocket Man!


Houston, we have a solution! Aluminium foil is good for more than baking Halloween cookies it seems. Buy yours in bulk and you can create your own customised spaceman outfit! Foil is lovely for craft ideas because you can turn it into anything you want: wrap it around toy guns for futurist laser weapons, mould it into a hat to stop aliens from reading your thoughts, or turn your toddler into a little foil-wrapped Hershey’s Kiss that is sure to elicit a lot of ‘awws’ from your neighbours.

4. Mopstar!


Give your kid a rockstar makeover with a rockstar wig! Either take an unused mop and make sure it’s cleaned properly before using it as a wig, or buy just the mophead in different colors. Your child will transform into the next Steven Tyler or Kiss rock band member in no time! Bonus if you buy a red rope mophead to get that raggedy Ann or raggedy Andy look if you’re going for a less extreme personality on Halloween.

5. Black bin liner witch dress


How many of us have endless black garbage bags (or bin liners) lying around the house? Just snip off the corners and the middle and you’ve got an instant black witch’s costume on your hands! Black garbage bags are highly versatile, it just takes a little creativity to make an ordinary bag look like a million bucks. If you’ve got plenty then you can pleat them into more creative witches dresses, cut them into strips for a skirt, or staple them to a wide brimmed hat. You can also tape strips of black bags to the end of a broom to complete the witch’s look!

6. Cereal killer!


If you love puns and saving money on expensive costumes, then this costume is perfect! Get a cereal box, and either mark it with X’s for eyes or have a toy knife poking out of it. Can’t promise if your child will love it but it’s bound to make some grown-ups groan or crack a smile. Add ketchup for that extra cereal-killery effect!
So before you break the bank looking for expensive, one-time-use costumes that your child will likely outgrow next year, be resourceful and have a look around your household items or grocery store for ideas and props. Your budget will thank you for it.

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