Featured on ExpatWoman.com: Meet the Latest Grocery Shopping Site That’s Taking the UAE by Storm

Sanadeeg.com CEO Adnan Abu Serrieh shares his vision of a personalised online bulk shopping experience in the UAE


Meaning “boxes” in Arabic, Sanadeeg.com is the latest player in the online delivery game in Dubai and has proven to be one of the fiercest players in such a short time. In just under a year, Sanadeeg.com has grown from a basement operation into a large-scale delivery service with customers across the country. CEO Adnan Abu Serrieh shares the story of Sanadeeg.com and his vision for its future.

1. Where did the idea of Sanadeeg.com come from?

I am a Canadian expat living in Dubai and back home I was used to shopping in bulk at Costco. North American families often shop once or twice a month for bulk items that can be stocked up and stored for long periods, they then do weekly replenishment from the local supermarket for fresh and perishable items. When I came to Dubai I really missed the huge savings of bulk grocery shopping and so that’s where the idea of Sanadeeg came from. We initially thought of having this as a real physical store, but as we explored the idea further we realised that it is better suited for online shopping. Online grocery shopping is growing very fast around the world and we are seeing the trend accelerating here in the UAE as well.

2. What were the unexpected good things that came up?

We did not expect to grow so fast and to be so popular among families in the UAE! The reception that we had from the community so far has been phenomenal and heartwarming. There was big fanfare among mothers and expat women for the quality of our service, prices, and convenience so that they could go about their busy days without having to worry about grocery shopping.

3. What were some of the biggest challenges?

The lack of bulk-format products in the market was a huge challenge. If you’ve ever been to bulk stores like Costco or Sams’ Club, you’d have seen that everything is bigger than a retail store. From the 500 pill vitamin jar to the gallon-size hand soap or shampoo, you simply do not see these products in the market here. It is a challenge sometimes to talk to our suppliers about the virtue of selling in bulk and getting them out of their comfort zones of retail. We have plans to start importing unique and more bulk-fitted products as we grow, but such a venture requires large scale to make sense, so it would take at least another 12-18 months to test out.

4. What did people start saying?

We were well-received within the community and we’ve been positively reviewed and featured in different social media outlets. People particularly like our boxed deliveries which are easier to store are more organized, and environmentally friendly (compared to plastic bags). We try to personalise our service with handwritten notes, free samples and gifts and it’s going a long way with our customers as well.

5. What areas do you deliver to now?

We started in Dubai and recently expanded to other cities like Abu Dhabi, Ajman & Sharjah. We will be expanding across the UAE soon and to other GCC markets.

6. What is the future of Sanadeeg?

We will be growing geographically to reach our full potential, but more importantly, we see a big spectrum for our brand and the concept of shopping in bulk. Our vision is to be the one-stop-shop for everything you buy in bulk. As long as you buy it in bulk then you will be saving money. We believe bulk shopping can go beyond groceries to include things from car tires to movie and event tickets for the whole family, the sky’s the limit!


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