Pet Foods Your Furry Friends Will Absolutely Love

Here’s how you can get those joyous barks and meows of approval!


For pet owners, life isn’t the same without the love and company of your furry children; dogs make any bad day into a good one, and while cats are less giving with their affection, their presence is enough to warm the cockles of our hearts. We can’t help but want to give our pets the best things in life, especially with the best food we can afford (foregoing our own nutritional needs to meet theirs even).

But what do your pets think? What foods have a global consensus from the canine and feline community? We’ve narrowed it down to these three:

Purina Dog and Cat Chow

The food choices from Purina’s collection of Dog Chow and Cat Chow is so healthy you’d be forgiven to think it’s been designed for humans as well. With no artificial colours and a focus on improving your pet’s development and growth, Dog Chow and Cat Chow come in a range that is startlingly specific: you can choose Dog Chow that is either for large dogs, little dogs, puppies or picky eaters. You can even get Dog Chow for weight maintenance if your dog put on a little weight from not getting enough walks (thanks to the 50’c weather). The Cat Chow choices are no less specific or varied, with options ranging from indoor, natural, and formulated kitten food.


Fancy Feast 

Renowned British author Terry Pratchett once said “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this” and it seems that only Fancy Feast seems to be good enough for these god-like creatures. Self-described as “gourmet cat food”, Fancy Feast has had 30 years to perfect their craft of appeasing even the pickiest of feline friends. With over 100 flavours (yes, over 100, who knew cats could be so discerning?! Cat owners, that’s who), your cat won’t be able to withhold their affection from you when you pop open a can of slow cooked beef in milk sauce or salmon pate.


Give your cats the best of both worlds with Friskies wet and dry food. Known for its playful brand, Friskies does seem to turn your regal cat into a lively kitty once they hear the food pellets fall into their bowls. Friskies was the first dry pet food made for cats, and they’ve only made the formula better with time to meet your pet’s nutritional needs. With dry flavours such as “surfin’ and turfin’” and wet flavours like “SauceSations”, your cats will come bounding off their carpeted perches and make a beeline to the kitchen. The only thing you’ll hear between bites are purrs of appreciation.

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