6 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Ready to be the sneaky parent that tricks kids into healthy treats?


Halloween is usually a fun time for both parents and children, but that really is the one day (other than their birthdays) where your kids will get enough sugar for a year all in one night. Yikes! Add to that any allergies your kids may have and you might be on the brink of banning them from trick-or-treating forever. But worry not, there are healthy snacks out there that you can swap out the processed junk with, and you might even find some allergy-friendly sweets too! Here’s our favourites:

1. Fruits with chocolate-chip pieces


The perfect compromise: Your kids think they’re eating chocolate chips, but they’re really getting their required daily intake of fruits and nutrients along with some semi-sweet Hershey’s chocolate chip pieces. Who knows? Maybe they’ll enjoy these treats so much they might continue eating them even after Halloween!

2. Gluten-free snacks

bigstock--163022723 (1)

Your celiac child can still enjoy Halloween with Hidden Garden’s cookies and Solo GI bars. These gluten-free snacks are available in a range of flavours like chocolate chip with pumpkin, coco cherry with spinach, and red velvet with beets so that your child gets a dose of sweetness as well as a dose of veggies without even knowing it. You’ll find them irresistible as well but be sure to leave some for the kids though!

3. Organic snacks


Worried about what preservatives and additives are in your children’s snacks? Taste of Nature organic bars and Sunblast fruit juice are just some of the snacks out there promising to fill up your kid with healthy nutritious goodness that is not overly-processed.


4. Nut-free snacks


Nut-allergies begone! Dip these Madegood Muesli minis into dark chocolate and you’ve got yourself some nut-free snacks! All the Muesli minis from Madegood are certified to be nut-free so that even kids with nut allergies can enjoy a yummy snack!

5. Low-sugar and healthy snacks


Nowadays with healthy lifestyles becoming more common, the options are endless! You can choose from kale crisps, sugar-free cookies, Be-Kind Chocolate Bars, raspberry fruit bars, the list goes on. Choose any of the above to mix up your child’s trick-or-treat to include less tricks and more healthy treats.

6. Vegan snacks (dairy and egg free)


Not every snack needs to have milk and eggs in it to make it yummy. Check out Art of Raw chewable bars and I Heart Keenwah Puffs, they’re sure to make your vegan kids happy this Halloween! Art of Raw comes in lemony, chocolatey, and minty truffle flavours while I Heart Keenwah puffs come in sweet chilli and sea salt truffle flavours.
Ready to be the sneaky parent that tricks kids into healthy treats? You can buy all those snacks in bulk at a discount on Sanadeeg.com and be ready for a boo-ha-ha-healthy Halloween!

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