3 Things You Need to be Diwali Ready

May this year’s festival of lights be bigger and brighter!


A week-long festival of lights, food, and family love is almost here! With only a few days to go,  Diwali (or Deepavali) celebrations across Dubai have already been planned and announced, but if you’re hosting at home you’ll need the basics to be prepared. Here are the 3 things you need to be prepared for the Hindu new year.

1. Sweep in the New Year


Cleansing your home or business in the lead up to Diwali is part of the ritual after all. It’s important to start the holidays on a clean slate, so load up on some high-end Vileda products to help make your home good enough for a Goddess!

2. Rock out the Rangolis


Once your property is cleaned, it’s time to decorate! Take the traditional route and use spices to fill in your rangoli designs. The most common themes are lotus flowers, peacocks, and symmetric designs, and floral arrangements of bright yellow and orange carnations are extremely popular. Simple designs can be done with just spices or coloured puffed rice. Put together chili for red, turmeric for yellow, crushed cardamoms for greens, and you’ll have the makings of a fiery and colourful design in no time.

3. Sweeten the festival


Finally, prepare the laddus and burfis! The main ingredients for most Diwali sweets are dairy (as powdered, cream, or condensed), flour and syrup. Sweets like laddus, jalebis and gulab jamuns can be made at home by hand, but there are numerous shops around Dubai that specialize in making these treats year-round if you’re pressed for time. Just be sure to put your sweets order in ahead of time, or be prepared for an afternoon of rolling besan flour into little balls for your laddu-loving guests.
Once all the above are completed, you’re ready to open your home for the week! Bring out the new clothes, light some candles, and enjoy the holidays. Be careful to mind the firecrackers though!

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