Diaper Tuesdays Every Tuesday!

Save Big on Baby Diapers Every Tuesday with Sanadeeg.com


Every Tuesday parents can save big on brand name nappies when they shop on Sanadeeg.com!

Here’s what you can look forward to every Tuesday:

 1. Save 25% on all diapers on Sanadeeg.com!

If there’s one thing you can stock up on and save big with, it’s diapers. And as diapers are already affordable in bulk on sanadeeg.com, take advantage of saving even more money with the voucher code DIAPERS25* on Tuesdays!

2. Get up to 2 big bulk diapers per order!

Unless you have twins (and if you do, God bless!), 2 bulk orders of our super-sized diapers are enough to last you a long time! Our Fine Baby products have up to 168 diapers per box and Pampers have up to 272 per order (and some of them come in 2 in 1 already!) so you definitely will be sorted for the week or month ahead.

3. Enjoy superior quality products!

Fine Baby and Pampers are both known for their quality disposable diapers. Both have high absorption while keeping your baby soft and dry. Fine Baby is available in sizes 1 through 5 (from newborns to 22 kg babies) and Pampers is available in sizes 3-5 in premium care, regular, and in pants.

4. Make use of Sanadeeg’s email reminder to remind you of this offer every week!

Do your wallet, your planner, and your baby a favour and get ready to shop this Tuesday then!
*This voucher offer is valid for orders of AED 350 and up. 

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