6 Things You Need to Host the Perfect Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

From cooking to cleaning, this essential list has you covered!


Canadian Thanksgiving is next Monday, the 9th of October, and if you’re planning to host this year, there are at least 6 things you need that can help you with cleaning, cooking, and impressing your Canadian friends and loved ones. Beyond the usual poutine recipes and flag decorations, these handy products will have you ready and prepared for the holiday in no time!

1. Add maple syrup to everything for that Canadian touch

Nothing says “O Canada” more than maple syrup, and you can’t go wrong with Canada’s favourite brand, L.B. Maple Treat. Sanadeeg.com is the only place you can get this maple syrup in the UAE and at a great price too! Raising the bar for maple syrup quality since 1975, L.B. Maple Treat ensures the maple syrup you enjoy is 100% pure and free of any preservatives and additives. Pure maple syrup is perfect for numerous dessert combinations – from glazed pecans on your pecan pies to mixing it with jams on your bread rolls or stirring it in your coffee with whipped cream, the sweet possibilities are endless. And it’s a great addition not only to your cookies and cakes, but you can also make maple syrup vinaigrette for salads and glaze your turkey with it for a smokey sweet finish.

2. Complement your turkey with delicious and healthy MadeGooddesserts

We always remember the turkey as the star attraction to any Thanksgiving, but it’s the little things that make up the supporting cast to your feast: the side dish mac n cheese, the mashed potatoes, and of course, dessert. MadeGood is an organic Canadian granola brand that is available in bars or as muesli that can be made into pie crusts, carrot cake, oatmeal cookies, sprinkled on banana splits, and the list goes on. The best part is that MadeGood is filled with healthy nutritious ingredients and is sustainably produced, so that will make you feel a lot less guilty about having seconds on the dessert round.

MA-MAGO-16_05_product (1).jpg

3. Let a little robot take care of the post-thanksgiving cleanup

Once you’re happily stuffed with turkey and maple syrupy desserts, there’s usually a lot of cleaning up to face once the festivities are over. But why take on the full load of work when you can let the Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot help you out with the floors? All you have to do is let this little gadget roam free in your house while you get on to other important things like cooking or catching up on the latest shows on Netflix. This handy robot is available on Sanadeeg.com, which is also the only website that exclusively sells Vileda cleaning products online in the UAE.

4. Elevate your salads with Fruit d’Or Canadian dried cranberries

Sprinkle your salads and side dishes with some dried cranberries from Fruit d’Or. Their products are all certified non-GMO and free of cholesterol, gluten, preservatives and packs a punch in nutrients!

5. Season your turkey with Bayara spices

Most good chefs know that the magic to a good turkey is the seasoning: a pinch of paprika, cinnamon, rosemary and finish your turkey with some slivered almonds when you serve it up. Bayara is a household name when it comes to top-quality spices in the region, and the spices can be bought in bulk from Sanadeeg.com and stored for months without ever going off (just make sure they’re sealed properly after every use).


6. Roast your turkey with Lurpak without burning

Imagine going through the trouble of perfecting your turkey stuffing and cooking it through after hours in the oven, only to find that the bottom has burnt and stuck to the pot! But not with Lurpak. These leaders in butter and baking have ensured that anything prepared with Lurpak will only get buttery and the result should be a turkey browned and tasty straight out of the oven.

It may not seem like much, but these small items make a big change to your Thanksgiving planning, leaving you with more time to enjoy with your family and friends.



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