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Mums@Work team have been looking for ways to make our life easier as working mums and we stumbled across this site Sanadeeg, the first bulk grocery store online in the UAE. We caught up with Founder, Adnan Abu Serrieh, about this concept and his driver to set up his business. Best of all, scoll down for an exclusive discount for our Mums@Work community!

What made you want to set up Sanadeeg?

Being a family man, I wanted to create a business to help our work life balance and flexibility in the future. We are a big supporter of employing mums in our business and are looking at how we can integrate professional women in the business. We really felt the Sanadeeg concept will help families save money and time which everyone needs!

What is Sanadeeg’s unique selling point for mums?

We aim to bring the best bulk deals for families in the region to reduce effort for their everyday shopping on the best grocery brands. While other online grocers limit themselves to smaller products that are sold on a premium in a convenience store style, Sanadeeg carries and delivers the heavier items and big quantities that families normally purchase in time consuming and exhausting trips to the bigger supermarkets. So no more dreaded trips to the mall for grocery shopping with kids in the tow and dragging heavy carts through isles and parking lots!

As a bulk grocer, Sanadeeg specialises in non-perishable items that are easy to stock up in your storage or pantry. Sanadeeg brings hundreds of wonderful deals on anything from laundry detergent to baby items. We even have a wide variety of organic and healthy food for people on special diet or with dietary restrictions.

What other ways can mums save money?

In addition to selling items in bulk, we also offer;

  • 50 AED discount off your first order as a welcome discount (we have an even better deal for our Mums@Work members!)
  • Free delivery on orders larger than 250 AED
  • Generous cash rewards program that is based on the value of your shopping. For example, if you spend 500 AED in one order you receive 25 AED discount voucher for future orders (that is 5% of your total bill).
  • 50-50 Referral Program allows you to easily invite friends to join Sanadeeg and offers both you and your invited friend 50 AED cash reward (each).

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